Thursday, October 23, 2014

Raya At Mama's Office

Mama's office had a raya event last 15th August, and I actually had to bring you over in the afternoon (after school) because Baba could not come to pick you up earlier anyway as he was away in JB.

So you came, and had lots of fun.  I think your face appeared in most official and non-official photos taken that day.  So mesmerized were you by the colourful stringers they popped up during one of the performances that you spent a good rest of the evening trying to collect them (which you later presented nicely to Baba!)

Here are the memories:
With Aunty Anu(ra)....

With the HR troop

With the Aunty Gee (cup filled with colourful stringers)

With Aunty Sally


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  1. Memory sgt pic I uols.. and tetiba rasa macam flawless je.. hehehehehe