Thursday, October 23, 2014

Raya At Mama's Office

Mama's office had a raya event last 15th August, and I actually had to bring you over in the afternoon (after school) because Baba could not come to pick you up earlier anyway as he was away in JB.

So you came, and had lots of fun.  I think your face appeared in most official and non-official photos taken that day.  So mesmerized were you by the colourful stringers they popped up during one of the performances that you spent a good rest of the evening trying to collect them (which you later presented nicely to Baba!)

Here are the memories:
With Aunty Anu(ra)....

With the HR troop

With the Aunty Gee (cup filled with colourful stringers)

With Aunty Sally


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Haj 2014

This year is the year Baba did his haj pilgrimage.  He departed with Atok on 26 September and will be back in 5 days - 27 October 2014.  We had a full month together at home, just the two of us.  Weekends would be spent at Taman Tun with Paklong and the geng.  Last week you and Ahmad made a welcome home poster for Baba and Atok.

Can't wait for the day Baba arrives home. We both miss him terribly don't we sayang?

Well it won't be long now.

Friday, February 7, 2014

2014 - A New Beginning

2014 - A bountiful year for us. 

InsyaAllah this year, we will be performing Umrah with Atuk and Pak Long's family. 

InsyaAllah, Baba will be accompanying Atuk to perform the Haj. 

We got you immunized for the  Umrah trip two days back.  You made quite a scene at the clinic.  The doctor was kind enough to give you an ang pow since Chinese New Year was celebrated about a week ago.  Dr Lee (and most other Chinese) are still in the CNY mood I guess.

You are receiving formal pre-school education at Dzul Iman Khalifah School.  So far, you've learnt a lot of good things.  Mama and Baba are quite proud and surprised with your progress.

Well. Many more months to go.  I look forward to more good things for 2014.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

The End of 2013

2013 is drawing its curtains soon.  So much has gone through and passed our lives this year.  You celebrated your 5th birthday quietly.  Not much fuss, as always.

Mama has already enrolled you in Dzul Iman next year.  InsyaAllah the school would be a good thing for you and you will get many new friends and learn a lot of new things.

You're such a good girl.  Most times, both me and Baba rarely need to press much discipline on you.  But sometimes you do act out and we deal with you accordingly.

Its almost like a dream.  One day, you're just an arms' length tall, and now you over my waist tall.  We love you sweetheart.

May 2014 bring more good returns for you and all of us who loves you dearly.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Eid 2013

We wish all readers a Happy Eid 2013.  This photo was taken on the first day of Eid.  It took me a mouthful instructions to get these three to pose for this photo, especially Aishah (notice ruffled hair, after much coaxing from Danial for her to sit in between him and Khadijah.

The kids had a great raya (read as collected many angpows, ALHAMDULILLAH!). At least none of them fell sick during Raya despite hearing relatives and friends having flu and not in the best of health.

Hope you guys had a good festive holiday season as well!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Abang" & "Adik"

Lately, you've been playing with imaginary "Abang" and "Adik".

This normally takes place in the car and as Baba has strictly asked you to not jump around, you end up laying down most of the time, and playing with whatever you manage to get your hands on.  Yesterday for example, you were "fighthing" with your imaginary "Abang" and "Adik" for your pillow.  The dialogue goes something like this:

You:  Abang, don't take my pillow!
"Abang":  Its not your pillow, its Adik's pillow.
You:  No, its my pillow, not Adik's pillow.

Okay, so that went on being repeated for quite a few kilometres.  

I can't help but smile from ear to ear listening to you.  We know.  You're lonely.  InsyaAllah, let's pray for a real Adik to grace our home soon, okay?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Enjoying The Good Life

And here I am. Enjoying the quiet this moment offers. Both you and Baba already asleep. Possibly from the long journey back to Kulim. I am grateful for moments like this.

We're just on a short trip back to visit Tok, Tok Wan and Tok Mi. And of course everone else who normally hangout with on our trips back. Food is always a strong agenda, and from the moment we step into Tok's home, till the day we leave for KL again, I know we won't be short of having good food! Yummsss... A favorite spot to go would be (in no particular manner):
1. Nasi Lemak Mummy
2. Nasi Kandar Haja
3. Kuey Teow Goreng Sg Dua (telur ayam dibasuh.. No kidding, that's what the signboard says)
 Of course good food is always served at Tok Mi's house, courtesy of TokBik.

Tonight itself, we go to bed with tummy full of udang galah... How laaa mama nak,kurus?

Hehheeh... Good food, good company. Now. Thank You ALLAH.